The Anti​-​Model Campaign

by Unpaid Actors

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released September 4, 2014

Ant Mas - Vocals, Guitar on #1, #3 and #5
Andrew Scott Grace - Guitar, Bass, Drums

Group Vocals on #2 by Ray Lewis and Michael Ray

Lyrics written by Ant Mas
Music composed by Andrew Scott Grace and Ant Mas

Guitar, Bass and Drums recorded at Valkyrie Studios in Philadelphia, PA
Vocals, Acoustic and Guitar on #3 and #5 recorded at Oratorium Recording

Mixed, Engineered and Produced by Andrew Scott Grace and Ant Mas

This EP is dedicated to Riley Matthew Moscatel and his family.



all rights reserved


Unpaid Actors Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: 180 Gram
Carry me into the sound
What I want new to be
When I want used here with me

Hard drop from mountain tops I fall
In the mud I wash my hands clean of all the insults
Integrity and flaw my only friends
Am I dreaming?
I'm not sleeping
I've taken the impossible shot

You left me all alone
It tore me apart but now I'm whole

I'm a little bit touch-and-go
I'm a little uncomfortable
What makes these fears come to light?
I'm a little irrational
I'm a little out of control
What makes these dreams come?

Four two many times we let the bar drop
Four two many times
Two many times

For too many times I've lost the argument
All the work
All the wait
Just let the record play
Make all our dreams cut through
All the while you tune it out
Make the feeling last and always stay true to what you believe in

Carry me into the sound

I'm a little more critical
Less vain than cynical
But still I feel so alive
I'm a little dysfunctional
Entrapped in my own world
I am grace
I am freedom
Track Name: AlumiNation Now
You see with your eyes but you don't believe
There is no surprise
Only clarity
If only the answers lived up to reality

I've got one reign
I'm the matador of the war between silence and the words desperate to prove worth
I've got my own mortality reminding me that fate is destined to deceive me

This is the new world

The life and the times of moral decline
The skeptics forever unsatisfied
If only the answers lived up to reality

This is a day in the life of an un-clocked paradigm
With paranoia on the rise
A narcissistic paradise
With care thrown to the wayside
Turning tides just to survive
It's sickening to think when things get so bad we reunite
And that I can't deny
But who am I to make light of a self serve sacrifice?
I must be out of my mind
This is the downfall of reason and rhyme
This is the dawning of the age of nothing to hide
This is a digital illusion
This is televised

This is the new world

The life and the times of social decline
The hungry forever unsatisfied
If only expectation became reality

The life and the times of what's yours and mine
The fine lines of never declassified
If only explanation could satisfy the silent majority
Track Name: The Anti-Model Campaign
So this is it
The rewind
The crescendo of reprise
The exorcism of a used line
(like a lover's voice fires the mountainside)
We re-align to fill the time
A cliche phrase just to remind
The plot confined
Twenty-Five to life
A well rehearsed demise

Said and done
It's out of my hands
I'm never looking back to all the things I never had in my younger years

So this is it
The deadline
Imperfection unrefined
The evolution of a pass time
The ever present voice to step across that line
We feed the fight
To fuel the fire
The passing phases of a new mind
A fear of flying with chance on the rise
We've tempted fate so many times
We swear we had nine lives

Said and done
It's out of my hands
I'm never looking back to all the things I never had in my younger years
The tides of time swell up and crash fast
I'm never looking back to all the things I never had

So this is it
The headline
This is our design
We follow no one
We've got our own minds
This is it
The sunrise
Welcoming the light
We've got a new sight and a blue sky
Caught inside the moment
Track Name: The Just Us (Blind, Mindless, Heartless)
So this is us in our own skin
Craving lust and tempting sin
On the cusp of settling
Still the animal fights within
So this is us
So unashamed
Our imperfections make us take shape
Still we deem perfection the only way
The sudden rush of adrenaline
That got us hooked
That drew us in
Left us helpless
Although we covet our imagination
This proper dialect can't handle this dialogue
Our minds are stuck in repetition
We're only human
Track Name: Painbows & Gutterflies
I hear the sound bleeding through
The coming end of me and you
There is nothing left
We come unglued
We lived too fast and grew too slow
Your voice drowned out by the radio
One eight becomes two zeros

...and I'm sure that you know that this was engraved from the start
There's nothing left to say
Ever dawn greets a new day
In a way we're not alone, no
Feelings change
So does regret

We slip away into a trance and we forget
We're not the same
But we'll always remember how it felt to walk out and leave it all

The blood in my veins recovering from the taste of my own medicine
The worst part of the end is to start again
I held my breath 'till I turned blue
Beat red when I couldn't get through to you

Every heavy heart needs a new break
In the wake, silence is my black cloud
Memories fade but the scars remain

I see my fears coming true
This is the end of me and you
This is a bittersweet goodbye to the life that we once knew
Now that freedom spells relief
With no more wasted energy
We can finally breathe
We can finally be happy
A caustic love can become a tomb
The death of trust
Black roses in bloom
The scent of "what could have been" in the wake of the mourning after
(the mourning after)
And we dive into black waters in the wake of the mourning after the morning after
But we survive with cut ties and a soul alive
On misery's side we can hear the laughter
The nervous laughter